CK Composites

Quality Assurance

Engineered Solutions using Advanced Composite Technology

Extensive Testing and Inspection

CK Composites offers strong technical capability to assist customers in the design, development and testing of products. Expertise includes mechanical and electrical design and polymer chemistry. The quality assurance program is geared toward high standards and meets military requirements. Extensive facilities exist for both mechanical and electrical testing.

CK’s staff includes several individuals with education and work experience in fields of engineering and science including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry and quality assurance. With these resources, CK Composites is able to offer assistance to customers in the areas of product design, quality test development, and technical problem solving.

Routine quality assurance procedures include testing and inspection of incoming raw materials, in process inspection, and coupon testing. Specific electrical, mechanical, and hydrostatic testing is performed on the completed products to customer specifications. Frequently, parts are serialized and referenced to test data contained in detailed test reports. CK has extensive test equipment-several items of which are listed, and a well equipped QA laboratory. The Company’s Quality system meets the requirements of ISO-9001, MIL-I-45208A and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

The Pittsburgh area, and the universities in Pittsburgh, offer extensive additional technical resources and outside testing services which C-K can draw upon when appropriate.

Test Equipment (Partial List)

      • 200 KV/60Hz Test Set
      • Corona Detection Equipment
      • 400KV Impulse Generator
      • Capacitance Bridge
      • Megohm Bridge
      • Multi-Unit Electrical Test Fixtures
      • Heat Deflection Tester (5-Specimen)
      • Universal Testing Machine (60,000 Lb.)
      • Izod Impact Tester
      • Hydraulic Tube Testing Equipment
      • Hydrostatic Test Apparatus
      • Muffle Furnaces
      • Lab Ovens
      • Vacuum Chambers
      • FARO Edge Measuring System

    C-K Composites Co., LLC does not implement the use of any conflict minerals.

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    Over 65 Years of Experience

    At CK Composites, our engineers and technicians are able to help customers in a wide range of industries solve problem applications using our line of custom composite solutions.

    Made in the USA

    Since the 1950's, we have been supporting the electrical, oil and gas, medical, defense, transportation and waste water industries with proven, innovative composites and engineering solutions.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance procedures include testing and inspection of incoming raw materials, in-process inspection and both destructive and non-destructive material testing.

    Precision Machining

    We have a complete machine shop with precision milling, routing, turning and assembly capabilities. We ensure efficiently produce parts with the proper fit and finish required.