Custom Filament Wound Tubes


InsulWynd® is our proven filament-wound, filament winding product utilizing fiberglass reinforcements in a specialized epoxy resin matrix.

Forming of the tube is accomplished by winding a band of resin-saturated rovings around a rotating mandrel. The mandrel shape forms the shape of the inside of the tube or part. The angle of winding is varied depending on where strength is needed. A steep wind angle provides hoop strength. A shallow wind angle provides axial strength and stiffness. Several layers of reinforcement, each with a different wind angle, can be put in place. Following the winding operation, the tube is heat cured, and the mandrel is extracted. 

We manufacture a wide variety of tubes for OEM, military, and commercial applications. Special resin formulations and filament winding patterns have been developed to meet applications such as those listed below.

Product Advantages

Filament-wound (filament winding) fiberglass tubes and fiberglass tubing provide a very high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent electrical insulation properties and high resistance to corrosion.

Technical Data


  No Yield Point / Elastic Behavior

   Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

  Excellent Insulator

  Machinable to Close Tolerances


 Cost Effective

  Ultraviolet Radiation Resistant

   Extreme Temperature Tolerances

   Flammability Ratins of 94-5VA and 94-VO

   Impact & Shatter Resistant

   Controlled Electrical Properties

Common Areas of Application

  • MRI Tunnels
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tubes & Drive Shafts
  • Battery Shields
  • Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Interrupter tubes
  • Insulator Tubes
  • Reinforcement Boards
  • Closed End Tubing
  • Railgun Tubing
  • Submarine Radome Housing
  • Cryogenic Medical Composite Tubes
  • Potable Water
  • Medical Waste Treatment
  • Highly Corrosive Environments
  • Industrial, Aerospace and Military Products

Over 65 Years of Experience

At CK Composites, our engineers and technicians are able to help customers in a wide range of industries solve problem applications using our line of custom composite solutions.

Made in the USA

Since the 1950's, we have been supporting the electrical, oil and gas, medical, defense, transportation and waste water industries with proven, innovative composites and engineering solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance procedures include testing and inspection of incoming raw materials, in-process inspection and both destructive and non-destructive material testing.

Precision Machining

We have a complete machine shop with precision milling, routing, turning and assembly capabilities. We ensure efficiently produce parts with the proper fit and finish required. 


Application Examples

InsulWynd® E-Glass, S-Glass Waste Water Tubes

CK Composites manufactures custom filament wound corrosion and chemical resistant tubes, piping, and joints.

InsulWynd® Radome Housing

CK Composites specializes in manufacturing  unique submarine radome housing for sensitive radar equipment. Our InsuWynd® Radome Housings can withstand weather, erosion, ultra-violet radiation, extreme temperatures and pressure.

InsulWynd® Chemical Waste Water Tubes

Filament wound corrosion and chemical resistant waste water pipes and tubes.

InsulWynd® Interrupter Shells, Tubes, and Chambers

Interrupter tubes in circuit breakers are a common necessity for power and electrical equipment. CK Composites can manufacture custom interrupter tubes for almost any application and quantity.

InsulWynd® MRI Tunnels

InsulWynd® Filament wound fiberglass MRI tunnels for the medical industry by CK Composites.

InsuWynd® Insulated Pipe Coupling

InsuWynd® reinforced insulated pipe couplings or tube connectors are manufactured for the military and gas industries. The result is high strength-to-weight ratio, insulation and high resistance to corrosion and pressure.

InsulWynd® Custom Composite Pipe

Fiberglass custom composite tubes or pipes for commercial and military applications. The filament wounds tubes can be produced in various sizes, large and small. InsulWynd® produced tubes use Kevlar and carbon fiber as reinforcement materials.

InsulWynd® Pressure Vessels

Fiberglass composite pressure vessels for fuel, gas, military and storage. The filament wounds vessels can be produced in various sizes, large and small. InsulWynd® pressure vessels use Kevlar and carbon fiber as reinforcement materials that result in high strength, low-weight systems.


Manufacturing Process

CK Composite’s winding capabilities includes nine winding machines of various sizes and types. Tubes to forty feet in length and six feet in diameter can be wound. Two of the nine winding machines have computer controls which permit the winding of complex patterns and enable quick changeover from one item to another. The machine shop is well equipped and setup especially for fiberglass, with a high-capacity due collection system. Many tubes are sold with extensive machining and finishing. We can supply assemblies that incorporate several tubes, such as the betatron assembly shown below.