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Engineered Solutions Using Advanced Composite Technology.

AWard Winning Results

Over 65 Years of Quality Engineering

We are committed in providing proven solutions to complex challenges.
With decades of experience and development, CK Composites has evolved into a vertically integrated material and services company that specializes in custom engineered composite solutions. Our proven capabilities and extensive knowledge in composite wood, epoxy molding and filament winding provides a complete solution to the industry.

Densified Wood Laminate


Cast and Molded Epoxy


Filament Wound Tubes


Test Equipment

Technical Capabilities and Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction is CK Composites’ number one priority, and we have a stringent Quality Assurance program in place to ensure the performance requirements of our materials and services used in the industry are exceeded on a routine basis.

Pipe Insulators

Bushings + Changers

Filament Wound Tubes

Spacers + Fasteners

FUll Customization

Popular Applications

At CK Composites, our engineers and technicians are able to help customers in a wide range of industries solve problem applications using our line of custom composite solutions.

You can rely on our technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, and polymer engineering to assist them in design, development, and testing of new or improved products. To ensure the best product possible, we utilize:


 Extensive Test Equipment

 Routine Quality Assurance

  In-Process Inspections

 MIL-45208-A and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 Compliant

 ISO-9001 Compliant

Unmatched Perfection

Precision Machining and Assembly Capabilities

We have a complete machine shop with precision milling, routing, turning and assembly capabilities. We employ both manual and CNC equipment to ensure we efficiently produce parts with the proper fit and finish required.


CK Composites products are used in a variety of applications and industries. Some products are manufactured in larger quantities; other times the requirement is for only one part or one assembly.


Oil Circuit Breakers and Switchgear, Interrupter tubes, Lift & drive rods, Air to air HV roof entrance bushing, Transformer Pressure Rings, Large generators…


The quality assurance program is geared toward high standards and meets military requirements. Submarine antenna radome housings, Defense contract components…


Resin formulated to meet UL-94-V0, Cryogenic applications, MR compatible resin/ glass systems, MR Bobbin assemblies, and gradient coil formers…

Oil & Gas

Our products and materials have been used in the oil and gas industry as reliable cryogenic insulation and corrosive resistant applications.


Third rail contact shoe beams, Insulating rail Joints, Rail slippers, Strain Insulators for high contamination areas…

Waste Water

Specialty Reverse Osmosis pressure vessels, Insulated Natural Gas couplings, Cryogenic pipe supports…