CK Composites

Design + Fabrication

Rely on our technical expertise

From Prototype to Perfection

We are committed to providing proven solutions to complex challenges.

CK Composites customers rely on our technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, and polymer engineering to assist them in design, development, and testing of new and improved products.

We are the ideal choice for partnership in prototyping new designs. Or we can reverse engineer, replicate and replace original worn or damaged components.


Over 65 Years of Experience

At CK Composites, our engineers and technicians are able to help customers in a wide range of industries solve problem applications using our line of custom composite solutions.

Made in the USA

Since the 1950's, we have been supporting the electrical, oil and gas, medical, defense, transportation and waste water industries with proven, innovative composites and engineering solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance procedures include testing and inspection of incoming raw materials, in-process inspection and both destructive and non-destructive material testing.

Precision Machining

We have a complete machine shop with precision milling, routing, turning and assembly capabilities. We ensure efficiently produce parts with the proper fit and finish required.