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Custom Engineered Solutions

Composites for Custom Solutions

We love a challenge. With a few exceptions, our products are custom-engineered to meet the requirements of a particular customer.

Our engineering staff consists of individuals with many years experience in the fields of Polymer Chemistry, Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering. They are proficient in state-of-the-art finite element methods to analyze complex electric fields or mechanical stresses, applying the results to component, mold or resin system design and characteristics.

Our customers rely on our technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, and polymer engineering to assist them in design, development, and testing of new or improved products.

Densified Wood Laminate


Cast and Molded Epoxy


Filament Wound Tubes


Custom Engineered Solutions

Areas of Application

Some products are manufactured in larger quantities; other times the requirement is for only one part or one assembly.
Below is a partial list of industries served and products supplied.

Custom solutions include, but are not limited to:

    • Electrical
    • Oil and Gas
    • Defense
    • Government and Research
    • Transportation
    • Waste Water
    Custom Engineered Solutions

    Application Examples

    InsuLam® Spacers + Fasteners

    InsuLam® fasteners are widely used in transformer and other electrical equipment due to its good mechanical and impact strength combined with its superior electrical insulating properties. CK Composites can manufacture special sizes of threaded rods and nuts upon request.


    CK Composites products are used in a variety of applications and industries. Some products are manufactured in larger quantities; other times the requirement is for only one part or one assembly.


    Oil Circuit Breakers and Switchgear, Interrupter tubes, Lift & drive rods, Air to air HV roof entrance bushing, Transformer Pressure Rings, Large generators...


    The quality assurance program is geared toward high standards and meets military requirements. Submarine antenna radome housings, Defense contract components...


    Resin formulated to meet UL-94-V0, Cryogenic applications, MR compatible resin/ glass systems, MR Bobbin assemblies, and gradient coil formers...

    Oil & Gas

    Our products and materials have been used in the oil and gas industry as reliable cryogenic insulation and corrosive resistant applications.


    Third rail contact shoe beams, Insulating rail Joints, Rail slippers, Strain Insulators for high contamination areas...

    Waste Water

    Specialty Reverse Osmosis pressure vessels, Insulated Natural Gas couplings, Cryogenic pipe supports...